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West L.A.-Santa Monica


Just west of I-405 the right-of-way forms a triangle west of Sawtelle and south of Pico. The tall building on the right is two blocks north in the Olympic business corridor.

Tracks will bridge over both boulevards here and still fit below the I-405 bridge (yellow).

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Updated 2/21/09

Severe traffic on Bundy calls for a bridge with aerial station here. Note the bike path (in enlarged image) and potential parking along the 100-foot-wide right-of-way

The adjacent crossings of Barrington and Centinela would be at-grade, with lanes added to mitigate traffic effects.

The City of Santa Monica's current General Plan Land Use and Circulation Update is planning for mixed-use "Transit Villages" around the proposed Expo Line stations at 26th and 17th Streets.

This sketch shows Bergamot Station on the south side of Olympic, east of 26th, looking east, new housing on the left.

Maps of proposed Santa Monica stations

Detail of Bergamot Station area

Santa Monica's Water Garden office complex is across Olympic Blvd. from the line.

Cloverfield and Olympic are proposed for grade separations.

There are two options west of Cloverfield. One would follow the median of Olympic, then go aerial along the north side of the I-10 freeway from 11th to its terminus at 4th and Colorado. But it would conflict with the landmark coral trees.

Both options propose a third station at 17th Street to serve the mid-city area, Santa Monica College to the south, Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center to the north, and a new Transit Village around Memorial Park.

The City of Santa Monica requested a second option, continuing on the right-of-way to 17th, then following the median of Colorado to downtown.

Its staff report notes, “On-grade light rail corridors provide greater opportunities over time for retail businesses, enhanced pedestrian environments and walkable connections to the neighborhoods.”

The Santa Monica terminus station will replace the Sears Automotive Center on the southeast corner of 4th and Colorado. It would be 35-foot-tall aerial (City of Santa Monica image, left) for Olympic or pedestrian-scale at-grade for Colorado.

On Colorado, west of 4th, was too tight between Sears and Santa Monica Place.

See Images from Draft EIR (Ch3-Sec3) and Maps of proposed Santa Monica stations.

Summary of proposed street crossings and stations

I-405 to Olympic
Sawtelle, Pico — Grade-separated crossings (bridges)
Barrington — At-grade crossing
Bundy — Grade-separated crossing — center-platform station on bridge
Centinela — At-grade crossing
Stewart — At-grade crossing
26th — At-grade crossing — center-platform station east of 26th (Bergamot Station)
Cloverfield, Olympic — Grade-separated crossings

Olympic option
20th, 17th, 14th — At-grade crossings — split-platform station at 17th
11th, freeway offramp, Lincoln, freeway onramp, 5th — Grade-separated crossings (aerial structure)
Aerial terminus station SE corner of 4th & Colorado

Colorado option
20th, 19th, 17th — At-grade crossings — center-platform station west of 17th
16th, 15th, Euclid, 12th, 10th, 9th — Closed crossings (right turns still ok)
14th, 11th, Lincoln, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th — At-grade crossings
Terminus center-platform station east of 2nd in Colorado or on SE corner of 4th & Colorado

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