West L.A. construction photo gallery

6/1/16 The familiar aerial view east toward Barrington and the 405 (above) and west to the Bundy station and Santa Monica (below), now with trains carrying passengers!


11/7/15 Landscaping is being installed around Bundy (above) and Barrington (below).

7/29/15 Updated views east toward Barrington (above) and west toward Bundy (below) with tracks and catenary complete.

4/26/15 Track is complete and the first OCS wire is hung under the 405 freeway bridge (above) and west bridging over Sawtelle and Pico, and crossing Barrington (below).

2/25/15 Looking east toward Barrington, Pico, the 405, and downtown L.A. (above) and west toward the Bundy bridge / station and Santa Monica (below).

12/18/14 Barrington and Bundy, and a view of the Bundy station from Olympic Blvd.

10/25/14 Barrington and Bundy ...

8/4/14 Barrington and Bundy, with a street-level view of the Barrington crossing.

7/7/14 The Bundy station is coming along (looking west, above), as is the Pico bridge (looking east, below).

6/10/14 Falsework is down from the Pico bridge, showing the dual straddle bents used to cross the boulevard at this slight angle.

3/14/14 Falsework is removed from the Bundy (above) and Sepulveda (below) bridges.

1/26/14 Views of the Bundy bridge station platform underway (above) and Pico bridge (below).

12/26/13 Side forms are off the Bundy Drive (above) and Sepulveda Blvd. (below) bridges - the two aerial stations - but falsework remains.

Falsework over Pico Blvd. is finally well along (above) and Sawtelle Blvd. and west are now looking pretty finished (below)

A view west from the I-405 - I-10 connector shows the finished bridge deck.

11/14/13 Bridge deck at Bundy is nearly finished (above). The last bridge to be built, across Pico Blvd., has its west abutment coming along (below) and falsework going up (following two).

The bridge over Sawtelle Blvd. was finished fast, and now awaits being lowered onto its abutments.

And you can see the MSE wall for the ramp west of the Sepulveda bridge

10/19/13 The Centinela bridge is pretty complete.

9/18/13 Forms for the Sawtelle bridge are well underway (above), and conduit for the substation east of the 405 is in place by the concrete plant (below).

8/27/13 Last view of Sawtelle before falsework girders were erected.

8/23/13 Rebar is underway for the Bundy bridge (above), and you see the Pico-Sawtelle work toward the I-405 bridge with downtown L.A. in the distance (below).

7/8/13 Here's a Bundy Drive view of the bridge and station falsework and long shot looking east on Exposition.

The Centinela Avenue bridge is coming along well, with precast concrete beams in place and MSE walls largely done.

6/18/13 A big concrete pour is underway for the Sepulveda bridge's stems (vertical walls) and soffits.

5/30/13 The Bundy bridge forms are finished but rebar is yet to be placed, letting you see the deeper arched center spans and the higher center platform (above), with Santa Monica in the distance. Looking the other way we see the Sawtelle-Pico bridge coming along (below).

On Pico we see the south column of one straddle bent (far left) and both columns of another straddle bent for the Pico crossing.

5/17/13 MSE (mechanically stabilized earth) walls are rising east of Centinela.

4/20/13 "On the nights of March 18 and 19, 2013, a bridge was built over Sepulveda Blvd."

3/24/13 Falsework now spans Sepulveda (compare with 3/4/13 below).

3/8/13 Looking west at the Bundy bridge abutments and columns with downtown Santa Monica in the distance (above), and east from the same vantage (below). Yes, that is downtown L.A. in the distance!

Sound wall columns are installed east of Barrington (above), and rebar for the abutment east of Sawtelle is visible (below).

Four days after the photo below this rebar column by Pico is set on the lower grid and an upper rebar grid is added through the column and frequently tied to the lower. That's one big concrete cap - covering 25 CIDH piles - to support the column!

3/4/13 Columns between Sawtelle and Pico are well along. Above is a detail of the rebar-filled slab over the 5 x 5 CIDH piles before the column rebar cage is added.

The abutment west of Pico is silhouetted - along with some poles in the way of the bridge. The other abutment, east of Sawtelle, isn't there yet.

Sepulveda falsework is well along, but not spanning Sepulveda yet. The detail below shows the first arched bridge sections of Phase 2. Note the curved steel, unlike Phase 1 falsework, and that it appears the bridge will arched its full width, vs. the separate higher bridge that supports the Phase 1 station platforms.

1/23/13 Both of Bundy's abutments are progressing above ground.

1/9/13 Sepulveda's west abutment and columns are nearly complete.

10/24/12 The bridge abutments at Centinela Ave. are complete.

Bundy Expo station plan

10/15/12 Plan for Bundy Drive aerial station to go with the renderings below.

Expo west from Military

10/10/12 Looking west from Military Avenue, concrete was being pumped east of Sepulveda. Also note the temporary parking lot on the Expo right-of-way.

Expo Centinela

9/16/12 Rebar is ready for the bridge abutment on the east side of Centinela Avenue, looking east.

Expo Centinela

7/10/12 Tonight's Expo Authority - Skanska/Rados Phase 2 community meeting featured posters of these new renderings of the Sepulveda and Bundy stations.



Here is a series of "before" photos to remember how it used to look on on the right-of-way from Centinela Avenue to Sepulveda Boulevard.

8/4/11 Right-of-way on north side of Exposition Boulevard, east of Centinela Avenue

8/4/11 Right-of-way on north side of Exposition Boulevard, looking east from Bundy Drive,

8/4/11 Right-of-way on north side of Exposition Boulevard, approaching Westgate Avenue

8/4/11 Right-of-way on north side of Exposition Boulevard, approaching Granville Avenue

11/4/11 Northwest corner of Exposition Boulevard and Barrington Avenue, the metal gate right-of-center is over the former track.

11/4/11 Around the corner of Barrington Avenue and Exposition Boulevard (north)

8/4/11 Right-of-way on north side of Exposition Boulevard, east of Barrington Avenue

8/4/11 Right-of-way on north side of Exposition Boulevard, converging on Pico Boulevard

8/4/11 Exposition Boulevard continues east, south of Pico Boulevard

8/4/11 Right-of-way crossing Pico Boulevard

7/27/11 The right-of-way west of Sepulveda Boulevard has become a staging area for Skanska-Rados.

5/9/11 Tonight's Expo Authority - Skanska/Rados Phase 2 community meeting featured posters of these "site concept" images of the Sepulveda and Bundy stations.

Bundy and Olympic.

A concrete through-girder bridge is thinner above Sawtelle Boulevard, west of I-405.

Sepulveda Boulevard.

They also had rolled out plan and profile drawings; note the vertical scale is exaggerated.

The bridge with station over Bundy; somehow the Centinela bridge got lost between sections.

Bridges over Pico, Sawtelle, and Sepulveda. Note the existing I-405 freeway bridge just to the right of the through-girder at Sawtelle.

4/3/08 A station in planned on the right-of-way at the northwest corner of Sepulveda and Exposition. The concrete plant has been sold for a future transit-oriented development.

This was proposed as an at-grade crossing, widening Sepulveda from 2 to 3 lanes, with a bridge and aerial station as a Design Option.

Tracks will then bridge over Sawtelle and still fit below the I-405 bridge (yellow).


6/26/06 Bundy Drive is jammed with traffic much of the day where the Exposition right-of-way crosses it. Below is an Expo Authority image, looking west along Exposition Boulevard, of the future bridge. Note the bike path (in enlarged image) and potential parking along the 100-foot-wide right-of-way.

Bundy bridge

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