Santa Monica right-of-way construction photo gallery

5/13/16 View from a preview train of new light rail cars in the maintenance yard.

5/12/16 A new Kinkisharyo P 3010 is crossing Stewart on the third track into the yard, above. Below, test trains cross the Olympic bridge and come down the ramp at 20th and continue west past the concrete plant.

11/7/15 The maintenance buildings are nearing completion and the old Verizon wall along Exposition Blvd. has been cleared for the future park.

2/25/15 The station canopy at Bergamot Station / 26th Street is partly done (looking east along Olympic, above) and the maintenance facility is coming along (looking east from Stewart Street toward the Centinela bridge and north from Exposition Blvd., below).

8/7/14 The Cloverfield / Olympic bridge looking west from 26th (above) and east from 20th (below), showing the mats below the future ballast.

7/23/14 All of the right-of-way grade crossings in Santa Monica are complete, including 19th Street (west above and east below), 20th Street (beyond the fence below), ...

... 26th Street (west above and east below), ...

... and Stewart Street (west above and east below). Note the third track yard lead and the special vibration-absorbing section left of the orange dump car.

5/5/14 Steel framing for the maintenance facility is well underway behind the old Verizon wall. Also see the Santa Monica Mirror's "Santa Monica's New Buffer Park Design Receives Green Light".

3/21/14 Here's a walk across the Cloverfield-Olympic bridge!

And footings have been cast for the maintenance facility.

3/14/14 Some early foundation work is underway at the maintenance facility by Stewart.

12/26/13 View east of 2oth Street showing the ramp up to the bridge over Olympic and Cloverfield - and the old railroad crossing pole.

11/14/13 All that remains of the Verizon buildings is their south wall remaining as a construction fence.

10/29/13 Forms are entirely off the Olympic-Cloverfield bridge, the first one completed!

Rails await east of Stewart (above), while the Verizon site has been cleared (below, zoom toward Centinela bottom).

10/19/13 Falsework is down over Olympic Blvd.!

8/23/13 The Bergamot Station / 26th Street platform is underway (above) as side forms are coming off the Olympic Blvd. bridge (below).

Here are two views east of Stewart Street, toward the Centinela bridge (above) and to its south as demolition of the old Verizon site begins for the future maintenance yard (below).

7/1/13 Looking west from the Centinela bridge into Santa Monica you see the ballast sub-base has been spread, above. The bridge deck over Cloverfield is complete, below, with forms being built farther west.

5/17/13 Rebar for the Cloverfield-Olympic bridge is in place on the bottom, sides, and above columns (detail below). The light-colored pipes are for tensioning cables.

4/16/13 Falsework over Olympic is well underway.

4/1/13 Falsework steel is now above Olympic Blvd.

3/24/13 Above is a different view of the falsework over Cloverfield, looking north. Below is the beginning of falsework over Olympic, looking east.

3/8/13 Above is the view west of Cloverfield at the columns crossing Olympic. You can see the beginning of falsework supports in front of the far abutment. Below is a detail of falsework on a column on the south side of Olympic.

OCS pole footings are in place south of Olympic by Bergamot Station (between 26th and Stewart).

3/4/13 The right-of-way is graded east of 17th, including the beginning of OCS pole footings! It is similarly along west of 26th by Bergamot Station.

1/30/13 Looking south on Cloverfield at Olympic, for ever more there will be this bridge in the distance!

12/23/12 The first Phase 2 bridge falsework is up, spanning Cloverfield.

12/10/12 At Cloverfield, rebar cages are ready for two columns, a third is assembled, and forms are going up.

This coral tree appears being moved for the fourth column in the median of Olympic Blvd. You can see the abutment behind the backhoe. The old Air Line track grade crossing is just behind the worker.

10/31/12 Forms are off the west abutment of the Olympic-Cloverfield bridge.

10/24/12 Forms are up for the west abutment of the Olympic-Cloverfield bridge (above) and grading is largely done east of Stewart (below).

Bergamot Expo station plan

10/15/12 More developed plan for Bergamot Station (26th Street).

Olympic at 21st Expo

10/10/12 The median of Olympic Blvd. west of Cloverfield is now lined with k-rails, and the coral trees are surrounded with protective fences (above). Forms were already standing for the Cloverfield east-side abutment (below).

Olympic at Cloverfield Expo

Expo Cloverfield

10/2/12 Rebar is up for the bridge abutment on the east side of Cloverfield Boulevard.

Expo Centinela

9/16/12 Rebar is ready for the bridge abutment on the west side of Centinela Avenue, looking west, where Expo enters the City of Santa Monica.

Expo Centinela

This video shows the concrete pour three days later (watch in full screen HD).

7/10/12 At Olympic and 26th much of the old hedge has been cleared out.

7/10/12 Tonight's Expo Authority - Skanska/Rados Phase 2 community meeting featured posters of these new renderings of the 26th Street (Bergamot) station.



Here is a series of "before" photos to remember how it used to look on on the right-of-way from 17th Street to Centinela Avenue.

7/27/11 Right-of-way east of 17th Street behind Hastings Plastics

7/27/11 Right-of-way east of 19th Street

7/27/11 Right-of-way east of 20th Street

7/27/11 Right-of-way crossing Olympic Boulevard at 21st Street

8/4/11 Looking east toward Cloverfield Boulevard, the auto repair shed is on the right-of-way.

7/27/11 Right-of-way on south side of Olympic Boulevard east of Cloverfield Boulevard

7/27/11 Right-of-way on south side of Olympic Boulevard east of 26th Street (Bergamot Station)

4/25/11 The Rose Garden Nursery is on the right-of-way on the east side of Stewart Street, south of the Lantana office campus.

4/25/11 Looking east from Stewart Street and Exposition Boulevard you see the future maintenance facility site, current Santa Monica College parking lot and Verizon facility.

5/9/11 Tonight's Expo Authority - Skanska/Rados Phase 2 community meeting featured a poster of this "site concept" image of the 26th Street station.

Olympic and 26th (Bergamot Station).

They also had rolled out plan and profile drawings; note the vertical scale is exaggerated.

The bridge over Olympic and Cloverfield, with a retained-fill section like west of La Cienega in-between.

The City of Santa Monica's current General Plan Land Use and Circulation Update is planning for mixed-use "Transit Villages" around the proposed Expo Line stations at 26th and 17th Streets.

This sketch shows Bergamot Station on the south side of Olympic, east of 26th, looking east, new housing on the left. The Water Garden office complex is across Olympic. Below is another view.


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