P3010 Light Rail Vehicle


The P3010 made by Kinkisharyo is Los Angeles Metro's new Light Rail Vehicle, both to provide new capacity for the new lines (Gold Line to Azusa, Expo Line to Santa Monica, Crenshaw/LAX Line, and Regional Connector) and then to replace older cars that date back to the Blue Line's opening in 1990.

On April 30, 2012 the Metro Board of Directors approved contract P3010 with Kinkisharyo, PLC to provide up to 235 LRV's including options (April 16, 2015 board report). Here are some photos of these handsome cars sporting Metro's new light rail colors at the Monrovia maintenance yard and on the Expo Line.

Also see Kinkisharyo's new webpage for Los Angeles, including a Technical Data sheet (PDF) with high-resolution drawings.

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