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12/18/09 — Track is under construction between Normandie and Vermont (above). Steel is installed on Crenshaw Blvd. (below) and Western Ave. station platforms.

11/20/09 — Rails are continuous from Crenshaw Blvd. (above) to 7th Avenue. Imagine a train heading west here, going on all the way to Santa Monica!

11/13/09 — West of Normandie the K-rails are gone and median curbs are finished, showing the future landscape strip below the temporary fencing. Ties are stacked for the grade crossing soon to be built across Normandie.

11/4/09 — Tracks were laid across 7th Street, with workers manually lifting the ties to the rails to be attached.

11/2/09 — The grade crossing at Degnan-11th Avenue (one block east of Crenshaw) was installed about 10/21/09. The first layer of ballast has been spread from Crenshaw to Arlington, wood ties for crossovers east of Crenshaw are being assembled, and the next grade crossing at 7th Avenue is under construction.

9/18/09 — Ties are being delivered to the right-of-way west of Farmdale.

8/4/09 — Workers were spraying the soundwall east of Farmdale with anti-graffiti coating.

7/3/09 — This nearly-finished median east of Normandie shows the ballast curbs, graded sub-ballast, and finished curbs and gutters on both sides of the median (above). This Expo Authority simulation of the Western station (below) shows typical landscaping that will be added in the planter medians between the tracks and street.

6/25/09 — The median of Exposition at Virginia Road (west of Crenshaw) shows the newly-painted steel posts for the sound panels, green drain pipe outside the ballast curb, a catenary pole footing, and piles of fine sub-ballast before being spread and rolled.

5/12/09 — These are forms for the eastbound Crenshaw station foundation. The apartment building is on the southwest corner of Exposition and Victoria, one block west of Crenshaw. The concrete in the foreground is the curb to contain the ballast.

Compare with this Expo Authority simulation of this platform, showing standard station design and typical landscaping. Art work and landscaping will distinguish each station within a common design theme.

4/17/09 You see the CIDH (cast in drilled hole) pilings on both sides of the exposed top of the pedestrian tunnel at Foshay Learning Center, to support the tracks on a new "bridge" over its top.

4/7/09 — Tracks are coming soon! Standard rails are being welded together into long lengths on the right-of-way east of La Brea.

3/20/09 — Curbs to retain the ballast, catenary pole footings, and buried utilities are in place east of Crenshaw.

11/18/08 — Here are the forms for the first catenary pole footings, west of Vermont.

10/26/08 — These track sections and panels will soon become the Western Avenue grade crossing.

7/20/08 The K-rails are in place nearly to La Brea, and soil is being excavated for the new trackbed. This is the view looking east from Farmdale, also showing the sycamore trees being kept along the north side of the median.

6/30/08 — The first Expo Line rails were laid in this Exposition Boulevard grade crossing at Denker Ave. (see below for “before”).

5/20/08 — K-rails and fencing are up along much of the route. Here the median of Exposition Blvd. is being cleared to begin construction west of Vermont.

4/10/08 — These palm trees from the median of Exposition Blvd. have been trimmed and temporarily moved, to be used in the Expo Line's landscaping.

2/28/08 — Track removal (here between La Brea and La Cienega) and right-of-way clearing was completed in March 2008.

1/12/07 — “Before” photos looking east from Denker Ave. at the Exposition Blvd. median track (above) and looking west from 2nd Ave. (one block west of Arlington Ave.) at the track on the south side of Exposition (below).

10/98 Looking west along the mulch-covered tracks and small new trees at Somerset Ave. (above, west of Crenshaw), Third Ave. (below), and in the median of Exposition Blvd. west of Vermont (bottom).

C. 1953 — A Pacific Electric Red Car passes what is now Foshay Learning Center on the left. (Ralph Melching collection photo, the Pacific Railroad Museum, Pacific Railroad Society)

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