Colorado Ave. construction photo gallery

5/27/11 Here's a series of "before" photos along Colorado from Lincoln to 18th in Santa Monica, to capture the street, trees and parkways, and types of businesses, knowning there will be a time soon when it won't look like this any more.

Lincoln Boulevard. Not only is there the Edison substation on the left, there are big electrical vaults below this intersection. A fire there a decade or so ago blacked out downtown Santa Monica.

9th Street.

11th Street.

12th Street.

14th Street, with the former Fisher Lumber on the right.

16th Street. A station will be on the current eastbound lanes, and the black building on the right wll be taken to replace them (below).

17th Street. Hastings Plastics will be taken for the tracks to curve south from Colorado to the right-of-way, along with Swartz Glass beyond it (below).

18th Street. The banner says, "STONE CLEARANCE SALE!! We must vacate our storage area!" Bourget Brothers has been renting space on the Metro-owned right-of-way behind its property.

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